Clothing hire is designed to provide consumers with ways to help improve consumption habits on the environment and empower yourself while also saving money – it’s a win-win! The ever-growing hiring economy gives those must-have minds a new, more sustainable way forward. Clothing hire is the step forward to creating sustainable fashion.

We use 100% compostable and re-usable packaging postal bags boxes. These bags are designed to not only be used in the delivery of your outfit but also the return, ultimately reducing our waste by half with one easy step. 

We are doing our best to help consumers take action and minimise their individual impact. Hiring your clothes for events is a sizeable step forward to negating the effects of fast fashion. Given that a typical designer item can be worn up to 30 times before looking threadbare, sharing a designer item with other women means only ONE garment needs to be manufactured, processed and disposed of instead of 30. 

We want to thank you for supporting our sustainable fashion movement through clothing hiring.