I am Charli, the owner of Styled By Charli. The brand grew out of the very many dresses I had bought and lent to my friends over the years. After a while, it got me thinking; how can I maximise the usage of my dresses while offering people affordable choices? And so it began! After finishing high school I immediately went into overdrive; in preparing, learning and organising SBC and in March of 2018, I launched Styled By Charli. I started off with just 10 dresses and no idea how to properly run a business! Over the next few months I learnt so much about marketing and the fashion industry; and so SBC began to grow. 

The business, which began with 10 lonely coat-hangers quickly outgrew the granny flat of my parents home. Today, Styled By Charli continues to grow in order to offer all Australian women the opportunity to wear beautiful designer dresses without the hefty price-tag. 

In extension of this aim, the ultimate goal of SBC is twofold. Chiefly, SBC works to promote body diversity through the inclusion of a range of sizes for all beautiful body types. SBC also encourages environmental sustainability through its re-usage system; where items are re-worn to minimise the environmental stresses of garment decomposition.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support me on my journey. You’re business is greatly appreciated and every single order makes me SO happy! 

Lots of love,

Charli xxx